Post your pictures, and be secured

God took the time to create Asian beauties. Their cute little eyes to their every curve in proportion are flawless. Her skin is flawless. We would love to run our fingers over her body.

She wants to show the world her beauty. 은꼴패치 in the city will help the pretty girls to post their pictures and videos with security.

Everyone is busy in the world. We are left alone.

 People have no time for their dear ones anymore. They fail to adore their beauty and complement them. Thus they have now 은꼴패치, to flaunt their beauty. People have skills, but no one praises them for that. Prepare a short video, post it, and enjoy it. And viewers may suggest how to make some changes or make it better.

Let’s know how it provides security?

Our personal computer or a firm having a mobile web sharing picture has a collection of photos and videos. We can even post nudity content or adult content. While posting such content, we need that our data is protected.

They deal with content that can gain popularity in the world of media and native residents. Such a site makes sure that we are not hampered mentally by any people. Nor our property can be damaged.

If we request to stop posting pictures relating to copyright, they immediately filter and delete such posts within twenty-four hours.

Even they delete pictures or videos from the most commonly used social media platform, Telegram.

They are even sorry to us for the occurrence of such unwanted consequences.


Ways to get the post deleted

You require a keypad or a keyboard, to post less text.  Communicate yourself as you are a fan, but the post is intolerable as it as something inappropriate. Or a person who knows the person personally can request to delete such post as he finds it inappropriate. Make the reason clear. And appeal them to cancel the p. Ask them not to post such a picture.

Who can ask to delete such a picture?

They don’t listen to the request of the whole community to delete such a picture. It is either the person

himself or his legal representative can make a request.

They can request to get the post deleted if it is causing discomfort and damaging of personal image.

 Don’t forget to attach the documents that you had requested to delete.  It will prove that we want to get ourselves to erase such a picture. Send pictures via email or Telegram.

To attach your ID card or driving license and the scanned copy of any document to prove your identity as an agent.

Once they confirm, data gets deleted.

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